Entrepreneurs and company promoters

Those who work in the application of the results of the research carried out by HEIs and institutes.


One of the main objectives of INNOVAR is to support the creation, growth, and sustainability of young companies focused on innovative ventures.

INNOVAR services facilitate dialogue between those who require advice on innovation issues and those who are able to offer it. One of the proposed activities is the creation of a repository that contains a list of entrepreneurs (experts in different branches), a list of frequent problems, and a record of the parties that have experienced such difficulties. The information of this repository is of fundamental importance to establish dialogues and agreements through which entrepreneurs find relevant topics to develop their work or identify clients who are interested in acquiring the products they sell and, on the other hand, companies can meet their needs or solve their problems.
From another point of view, entrepreneurs are parties that require financing to expand their businesses. One of the activities proposed by the project is to identify investors or cooperation agencies that are willing to finance this type of initiative under preferential conditions and maintain contact with them in order to encourage the signing of credit agreements.INNOVAR 2018

Figure 1. Relations between the different parties that participate in the ecosystem.