Productive sector of the country

Represented by public and private companies, and other organizations and institutions of the government sector.


FOR THE PRODUCTIVE SECTOR: The productive sector in Ecuador has a high percentage of small companies that, in order to develop innovative projects, depend to a large extent on the support of other organizations that provide advice, training and / or sales of specialized services. For this reason, the activities of INNOVAR are of great importance for small and medium-sized companies, since they allow them to benefit from training and comprehensive advice for their processes. Similarly, this initiative will be very useful for larger companies, through its approach to universities and research centers.

FOR PUBLIC COMPANIES: Likewise with companies in the productive sector, a large percentage of decentralized autonomous governments (GADs in Spanish) and public sector entities in Ecuador have a limited capacity in terms of administrative, financial and service management, so they require the support of other organizations to develop innovation. But even in the entities with the most experience and improvement, HEIs and their research groups can provide significant contributions for innovation and modernization. Also in these cases, the proposed business innovation ecosystem will be very useful.


Figure 1. Relations between the different parties that participate in the ecosystem.