The objective is to create a Telemedicine Network to develop automation projects, acquisition and communication of trauma patient data, and evaluation of health centers with pre-hospital care. In addition to the evaluation of prototypes for the registration of vital signs and proposed guidelines, based on intelligent systems in support of trauma, and educational programs (B-learning and MOOC) for handling and prevention of traffic accidents and trauma.


  • This project is developed based on the network and the virtual platform of Red CEDIA through these activities.
  • Tele-education for the medical staff in the Hospitals of Morona Santiago for the use of antibiotics in trauma, 2015.
  • B-learning pilot program for training medical students in prevention and initial management of trauma in children and adolescents. Cuenca, 2015.
  • Tool for the Acquisition and Automated Communication of Data and Vital Signs, as support for trauma patients at the pre-hospital stage of care.
  • Intelligent support systems for trauma.
  • Automated digital tool for the evaluation of resources during trauma care in hospitals.
  • M.O.O.C. for the prevention of accidents with trauma in the Tungurahua Drivers Unions.


  • Dissemination of results of the working group at national and international levels. The results are presented in conferences.
  • Visibility of the results through published articles and involvement of national and international organizations in the field of health.
  • Through Telemedicine it is possible to provide quality care to patients with trauma. Pre-hospital care is quick and timely, and is equipped with sufficient training for personnel, directly related to the management and prevention of trauma through the use of ICTs. This research is the basis for future research and replication at the national level in hospitals and universities.

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