Repositories, Telemedicine, and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).


The Ecuadorian Corporation for the Development of Research and the Academy - CEDIA aims to promote and manage Research, Development, and Innovation projects. In addition, it aims to facilitate and promote collaboration among its members through applications that demand the use of facilities focused on the scientific and educational development of the Ecuadorian community.

In 2014, the Working Groups initiative was created, forming the GT-Repositories, GT-Telemedicine, and GT-IDE's, with the aim of strengthening, promoting and motivating research activities, according to the area of interest of each group.

The Working Groups are integrated by researchers and technicians belonging to at least four member institutions of CEDIA, and / or external public and private institutions, who carry out activities in specific fields, in order to achieve the sustainability of their projects through products or services for the benefit of CEDIA members and the community in general.