Oxford Fintech Programme / 2018-09-12

Industry experts believe between 2 million and 6 million jobs will be lost over the next decade due to disruptive financial technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Illustrating the potential, digital challenger banks such as Starling and Monzo can operate with 90% less headcount than traditional banks. Recognising this serious challenge facing traditional banking careers, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford has launched a new digital open enrolment programme on financial technology and innovation, Oxford Fintech.

Research grants and projects / 2018-12-18

Environmental Research and Education Foundation
The sustainability movement has reached the business models of nearly every industry in the United States, and many companies, municipalities and states have set aggressive sustainability goals that include how waste streams are being managed. The EREF Board of Directors has set an initiative to ensure research funded reflects EREF’s long-term strategic plan to address all areas of integrated solid waste management, with a strong focus towards research that increased sustainable solid waste management practices. EREF is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is one of the largest sources of funding for solid waste research in North America. EREF is not affiliated with any other entity or group and governed by a duly elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the decision-making body that has responsibility for establishing policies that define program interests and fundamental objectives to be served by the Foundation.

Grants Whitley Wildlife / 2018-10-31

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
EUR 500 - 1.500
Each year, the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust awards a number of grants to individuals undertaking nature conservation projects. Projects may involve practical habitat or species management, research, training, education, awareness raising or campaigning. We will have a rolling programme of areas of interest for funding, which will change for each round of applications. Please ensure that your project is eligible for funding before applying. The deadline for the current round of applications has now passed. We are now accepting applications for the December round of applications: Reptile & Amphibian Conservation.

Progress new assets (one pre-new molecular entity (preNME) and one first-time-in-human (FTIH) start) for TB that act synergistically with bedaquiline, cytochrome bc or cytochrome bd inhibitors / 2018-10-28

European Commission
The Portfolio Building Network (PBN), Pillar C of the IMI2 JU AMR Accelerator programme, will address the limited pipeline of treatments and preventions for AMR infections by enabling vibrant and nimble collaborations between EFPIA companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and/or academics that will advance the R&D pipeline of new and innovative agents to address AMR. The scope of this action will be to identify and progress novel lead compounds (one preNME and one FTIH start) for TB that act synergistically with bedaquiline, cytochrome bc or cytochrome bd inhibitors towards design and implementation of phase 1 clinical studies.

The Facebook Fellowship Program / 2018-11-29

Facebook Research
EUR 37.000 - 37.000
The Facebook Fellowship Program and Emerging Scholar Awards are designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students who are engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas related to computer science and engineering. Winners of the Fellowship are entitled to receive two years of tuition and fees paid, a stipend of $37,000 each year, and up to $5,000 in conference travel support. Applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the student’s research statement, publication record, and recommendation letters. While open to students in any year of PhD study, a heavy emphasis on research and publication record for Facebook Fellowships favor students who are further along in their course of study. Applicants who who are earlier in their career and fit the criteria of a minority group that is under-represented* in the technology sector have the option of being evaluated for an Emerging Scholar Award.

Annual CGTrader Scholarship: Essay Writing Competition / 2018-12-14 Annual CGTrader Scholarship: Essay Writing Competition / 2018-12-14

CG Trader
Every year CGTrader challenges students to dig into the field of technology by writing an essay on how innovative technologies are transforming our lives. CGTrader gives talented 3D designers the opportunity to showcase their work, get valuable feedback from the community, learn from their peers and interact in a designer-friendly environment. The program requires you to write and submit an original essay on the topic “Our life on a spaceship: the future of mankind”. They want to encourage students to think about how life will change when people are confined to weightlessness in limited spaces.

UNESCO ICT in Education Prize 2018 / 2018-10-31

The 2018 edition of the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education will recognize projects and programmes that leverage innovative technologies to ensure education for excluded vulnerable groups.

The Catalyst Fund awards small grants for early-stage, innovative, and unconventional ideas that address urgent challenges. / 2018-11-29

Roddenberry Foundation
USD 2.500 - 15.000
The Catalyst Fund makes grants between $2,500- $15,000. We don’t limit ourselves to any one issue, rather we search across issues to identify opportunities where innovation is needed to address an urgent challenge. The Fund accepts applications on a continuous basis with no deadlines. There is no limit to the number of projects we’ll support in any given year. From time to time we will post a request for proposals for a specific problem we find particularly compelling or underfunded.

King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award 2018 / 2018-10-30

King Hamad: youth empowerment
USD 25.000 - 25.000
Subscribe This global award comes as an expression of the firm faith of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain, in young people’s potential to lead their countries and the world towards a better shared future of peace and prosperity for all people on a healthy and renewable planet, as envisioned by the world’s most ambitious plan to transform our world – The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The King Hamad Award has two categories, One group targeting individuals. It recognizes youth contribution to achievements of the sustainable development goals. The Second group recognizes enablers of youth participation action and impact for SDGs achievement. All 8 winners will be informed of their selection by January 2019.

Scholarships for Global Scientists and Engineers Program at Tokyo Institute of Technology / 2018-09-06

Tokio Institute of Technology
In April 2016, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) started the Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP). Under this program, qualified international students who have little or no proficiency in the Japanese language are now able to enroll at Tokyo Tech to pursue a bachelor of engineering degree in Japan. GSEP is a program for international students striving to be scientists and engineers with a global perspective in transdisciplinary fields. Proficiency in the Japanese language is not required for admission, as courses will be taught in English. However, students will be required to study basic Japanese and will be encouraged to further familiarize themselves with the language and culture throughout the course of their studies. Students who successfully acquire advanced Japanese skills may take elective courses taught in Japanese as well.

Borlaug Fellowship Program / 2018-10-25

United States Department of Agriculture
The Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program promotes food security and economic growth by providing training and collaborative research opportunities to fellows from developing and middle-income countries. Borlaug fellows are generally scientists, researchers, or policymakers who are in the early or middle stages of their careers. Each fellow works one-on-one with a mentor at a U.S. university, research center or government agency, usually for 8-12 weeks. The U.S. mentor will later visit the fellow’s home institution to continue collaboration. Fellows may also attend professional conferences and events within their field, such as the annual World Food Prize Symposium.

Scholarship for Students Actively Participating in Green Activities / 2018-10-31

GreenMatch believes in sustainability and promoting greener living. In an effort to encourage and empower young individuals to play their part in helping the community through green activities and initiatives, GreenMatch would like to award a student with a scholarship of £1,000 for excellence in green initiatives.

Programa para Innovadores certificados / 2018-10-19

Google for Education
Los candidatos del Programa para Innovadores certificados de Google for Education se seleccionan en función de su experiencia profesional, su pasión por enseñar y aprender, su uso innovador de la tecnología en la escuela, su potencial para producir un impacto en otros educadores y su deseo de abordar algunos de los desafíos más grandes de la educación. Son embajadores del cambio que dotan de herramientas a otros educadores y alumnos a través de una pujante cultura de la innovación dentro de sus propias aulas, escuelas y organizaciones. Dado que la innovación tiene lugar en todos los niveles del sistema escolar, tenemos abiertas las puertas a solicitantes de todos los roles: desde profesores hasta superintendentes. Los innovadores, como participantes de una comunidad de educadores que trabajan en conjunto para mejorar las escuelas, transformarán las organizaciones en las que trabajan, abogarán por el cambio y aumentarán su propia capacidad como líderes intelectuales.

UNICEF Innovation Fund Call for VR/AR Technologies / 2018-12-27

USD 50.000 - 90.000
The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking for start-ups that are developing and piloting new open source VR/AR solutions. We are looking to make investments in 1) software for authoring or consuming these new realities, 2) platforms and ways providing wider access to that software, 3) platforms and ways providing better tools for content creation (such as a template, workflow, or format), and 4) particular applications of content. For our next VR/AR cohort of investees we are particularly interested in the following applications of content: Learning Teaching people to perform simple tasks, in many languages, with higher retention rates and better motivational levels (examples: how to install a water pump; how to recognize malnutrition in under 5-year-olds; how to teach seamstresses to perform simple procedures). VR/AR also presents new ways of increasing access to experiential learning, including for people with disabilities. Understanding complex environments Accessing large am

NextWorldNow Community Investments / 2019-01-01

NextWorldNow - NWN
NextWorldNow learns about community based projects that need more resources to meet their goals. We connect with the leaders, learn about their work, and decide which projects to invest in. Investments may include time spent supporting a project, in-kind resources, and financial grants. We invite community proposals. We rate the likely success and the impact of the project – such as how many people will benefit. We look for people and groups who have new ideas for old problems. We prefer to invest in a variety of geographic locations and issues in order to learn more about the world and its people. We may take on projects that are beyond our funding means by seeking like organizations to partner in the investment.

Echoing Green’s Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship and Leadership Development Programs / 2018-09-21

Echoing Green
USD 4.600.000 - 4.600.000
Echoing Green will provide more than $4.6 million in unrestricted seed-stage funding and strategic foundational support this year to emerging leaders working to bring about positive social change. Over the past three decades, our total investment is over $40 million to more than 700 world-class leaders. We don\'t just invest in business plans. We believe investing in and supporting the right people, with the right ideas and the ability to execute, results in a lifetime of leadership.

Dame Margaret Clark Scholarship in New Zealand / 2018-12-01

University of Wellington
EUR 5.000 - 5.000
The applications for the Dame Margaret Clark Scholarship in Political Science are open. This scholarship has been established by Sir Robert Jones to recognize the work of Dame Margaret Clark in the areas of political science and international relations. The scholarship will contribute $5,000 towards the tuition fees of a student undertaking a Master’s degree in political science or international relations at Victoria University of Wellington. Each scholarship will be tenable for 12 months. This scholarship may not be held together with a Victoria Master’s by Thesis Scholarship. One award will be offered each year.

International Fellowships / 2018-12-01

The American Association of University Women - AAUW
International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited U.S. institutions are supported. Originally designed to provide Latin American women opportunities for graduate and postgraduate study in the United States, the International Fellowships program awarded its first fellowship in 1917. The program now includes women from around the world, and International Fellowships have been awarded to more than 3,600 women from more than 145 nations.